Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (Safwco)
Floods 2011: SAFWCO has assisted 413,000 flood affected people (59,000 families) in emergency relief phase in Sanghar & Shaheed Benazirabad Districts in WASH, Food Distribution & EFSL sectors while in Early Recovery Phase SAFWCO is providing assistance to 161,000 people (23,000 families) in District Sanghar under WASH & EFSL Program & planning to provide assistance to 410,000 people (58,571 families) under WASH in S. Benazirabad, Umerkot & Sanghar Districts. SAFWCO is planning to provide assistance to 84,000 (12,000 families) flood affected people (2010 floods) under WASH in District Jamshoro
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• EMPOWERING GIRLS - Transforming Communities (WPF)
Human Institutional Development

Capacity – Building is long-standing speculation is individuals, institutions, and societies to build up the knowledge, skills, and resources for meeting their own needs. Such needs could include censuring food energy security resolving environmental problems, responding to human-health crises, and contributing to economic growth.
Human and institutional development centre aims at enhancing the capabilities and potentialities of social development sector professionals. Every Human has latent and occult talents which need ingraining and polishing. To be conscious of one’s self worth and have cognition of his inner capacity is to rule the world. The HID program implies making professional realize their capability and enable them to march towards professionalism by acquiring certain skills and techniques.
As set towards materializing the dream of establishing a human and institutional capacity building institute, Safwco with its utmost efforts has succeeded in establishing HID Centre at Hyderabad. The centre is unique of its kind in Hyderabad, it provides services to not only for the trainings and other events organized by Government and Non government institutions and Development can also avail the facility.

In addition to the Hyderabad Centre, Safwco HID has also established two other training centres

1-HID Community Centre Village Fazal Talhani (CCVFT)
2-Safwco Resource Development Centre –SRDC Shahdadpur


An aware and organized society capable of realizing its own development.

Enabling individuals and organizations to make more effective and efficient development efforts through the provision of value-led Human & Institutional Development-HID services.
.Build a professional cadre of civil society parishioners
.Strengthen civil society organizations NGOs, CBOs and VDOs through institutionalization process
.Improve program performance through building staff capacities
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Facilities at the Centre

The centre provides and enviably comfortable environment of learning and sharing experiences, Away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. There is serenity for creative activities with for creative activities

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Training Program Offered

HID centre endeavors to provide quality trainings imparting knowledge and skills as need of the hour to civil society professionals, elected representatives, activists and small entrepreneurs.

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