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• EMPOWERING GIRLS - Transforming Communities (WPF)
Health Water and Sanitation
The significance of health in the overall sustainable development can be looked at and understood in many ways. The most important is individual's capacity and then a community's capacity to transform physical and mental well-being into economic productivity, growth and sustainable development. However, achieving this is not simple. Many causal factors affect people's health and hence the process of sustainable development. Safwco's Health Sector has embarked upon the mission to highlight and work on issues related to children's and women's health, environment, and health care that play a significant role in affecting people's socio economic life. Safwco has firm belief that only healthy and educated communities can contribute to the development and uplift of societies.

The salient objectives of the program include:
  • Make people aware of health issues through health education packages
  • Provide primary health care services in areas having no health facility
  • Decrease MMR and IMR through safe reproductive health care
  • Prepare village volunteers as paramedical force
  • Information dissemination through published material and leaflets

The Health and Hygiene Program is advanced through following tools:
Health Awareness and Capacity Building
One of the major objectives of the Health Sector is to educate the community on personal / community hygiene matters and preventive healthcare measures. Health education is a process through which people learn causes and effects of relationship between variables and health and well being. Access to information on how communicable / contagious and water born diseases are spread and the knowledge about how to prevent this happening leading to gradual modifications of habits and bring about attitudinal change in human behaviour towards a better and healthy life. Health education also provides information on better utilization of scarce resources. Imparting awareness and capacity building are accomplished through following tools.
  • Participatory health dialogues
  • Trainings of Community Volunteers, TBAs and Health Committee Members
  • Coordination with Line Departments
  • School Health and Awareness Program
  • Seminar, and workshops
  • Information dissemination through printed material and audio visual AIDs
  • Health Services
Along with health and hygiene awareness and building capacity of communities, it is essential that they should have an easy access to necessary health services. Safwco, in this context, provides them with the following services through establishing community health centres at cluster and village level. Medical camps are also organized to provide immediate relief. The Community Health Centers provide medical services, including diagnosis of diseases through pathological tests, medicines and consultancy etc. At these centres, especial focus is laid on mothers in reproductive age.

Immunization Campaign: To safeguard communities, especially women and children, against the infectious and fatal diseases, various immunization vaccines are give to them. These include TT Vaccine, Polio Vaccine and Hepatitis B & C Vaccines etc.

Referral to Secondary and tertiary health facility: The medico cases which cannot be dealt with at CHCs are referred to Taluka and District Hospitals for proper treatment, cure and medication.

Family Planning Program: Under this program, the communities especially mothers are educated in the negative impact of rapid growing population and that of more than two (02) children on an average family and the health of mother.

Safwco envisions ‘sustainable communities achieving equitable economic, social, political and cultural development through grass roots development institutions.
Safwco's mission is to mobilize the poor under a common platform and to support and to support them to carry out sustainable development
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Pakistan: One-room Revolution
By Zofeen T Ebrahim Karachi, WFS)-Lal Khatoon was very Excited the night she learned to write her name for the first time in her native language, Sindhi.
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