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Tender Notice

SAFWCO Hyderabad, Pakistan is inviting tender from qualified and experienced service providers for provision of following requirements under "UN Maternal and Stunting Child Reduction Program, WASH PATS Plus" Project, Taluka Mehrabpur District Naushehro Feroz.

Items Description Lot Reference Required Quantity Specification (Please refer appended below Annexure)
Construction of DRR latrine facility in schools. Take into account the disability factor. Lot # 1 28 Appendix-A
Construction of group hand washing station in school Lot # 2 28
Construction of DRR drinking water point Lot # 3 28

Please visit our website to download tender documents & guidelines. Interested contactors & suppliers registered in Pakistan can send separate for each lot No. Sealed envelope must be submitted by 17:00 hours on or before 20th February, 2017 only through courier addressed to Logistic Department, H # C-415/416, Phase- 1 Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Tender received though email or with incomplete documents will not be entertained. The tenders will be opened by the tender committee and the bidders will be notified of the results accordingly.


School WASH with Plan A - WETLAND

School WASH with Plan B - SOAKAGE PIT

Appendex - A Wetland

Appendex -B Soak Pit

Eligiblity Criteria for Tender

Safwco envisions ‘sustainable communities achieving equitable economic, social, political and cultural development through grass roots development institutions.
Safwco's mission is to mobilize the poor under a common platform and to support and to support them to carry out sustainable development
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Pakistan: One-room Revolution
By Zofeen T Ebrahim Karachi, WFS)-Lal Khatoon was very Excited the night she learned to write her name for the first time in her native language, Sindhi.
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