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Final Draft Annual Report 2016
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Safwco Celebrating Sindh Education Day, 8th Jan 2017
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Proposed View: Development of Human Action Research and Training Institute (DHARTI) Safwco Future Development University
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IOE for Capacity Building ID Project (PPAF)
SAFWCO Mehar Report as on 31 Oct 2011
Moon Soon Rain Flood 2011 SAFWCO Eforts for Distric Sanghar
Sindh Province Moonsoon Rain Flood 2011
District Sanghar Flood 2011 Flash Appeal November
SAFWCO Flood Response 2010-11 District Dadu
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SAFWCO Flood Response 2010...
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SAFWCO Cyclone Response 2010..

• EMPOWERING GIRLS - Transforming Communities (WPF)
SAFWCO Cyclone Response 2010
Safwco provides Food and non food items Package to 1100 Cyclone Phet families of District Thatta
After cyclone Phet has hit severely to the people of coastal belt of Pakistan. Safwco under took the efforts to save the people and provide them relief services in coastal are of District Thatta. Immediate need of affectees after their rescue was food.

With the support of Oxfam Novib Safwco provided one month food and Non Food items package to affected families of 115 villages of coastal areas of District Thatta. 47 villages are selected from creeks and islands. The food items contains wheat floor 40 Kg , rice 20 Kg , pulses 4 Kg, cooking oil 5 Kg, Sugar 5 Kg, One Match Box, One Kg Salt and 1 Kg Tea Leaves. Non Food Items Contains washing soap, Bath Soaps, Jerry cane, Water Bucket, Plastic Sheets, mussafa, women shawls, plastic chappals, female sanitary clothes, nail cutter, mosquito nets, and plastic lota etc.

The support provided benefited 6214 persons (2050Girls, 2026 Boys, men 958, women 1117, disable: 63). Average cost of food package per family is estimated as PKR 13000.
Safwco provides NFI kits to 500 families hit by Cyclone Phet in Thatta
When cyclone Phet hit the coastal areas and people were shifted into at safer places with some into camps and many without any shelters. Taking into account this scenario Safwco with the support of Save the Children Safwco has provided Non Food items (NFI) Kits to 500 hit by Cyclone Phet in coastal areas Kharro Chhan of district Thatta.

The NFI includes plastic sheets, Jarry Cane, Jug, glasses, Lotta and water bucket with lid. More than 2500 persons with 50 per cent of women and girls have directly benefited from the kits. These will help people to protect them from diseases.
Safwco envisions ‘sustainable communities achieving equitable economic, social, political and cultural development through grass roots development institutions.
Safwco's mission is to mobilize the poor under a common platform and to support and to support them to carry out sustainable development
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Pakistan: One-room Revolution
By Zofeen T Ebrahim Karachi, WFS)-Lal Khatoon was very Excited the night she learned to write her name for the first time in her native language, Sindhi.
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